Admission Policy
The following policies have been adopted to clearly articulate how enrollment decisions will be determined. If the application is received by the deadline and student meets the school’s admissions criteria, student will be further considered for enrollment. Students will be selected and placed in the school based on the maximum capacity of classrooms as set by the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston according to the following categories in order:

Currently enrolled students in good standing.
Siblings of students currently enrolled.
Students currently enrolled and in good standing at another school in the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston.
Catholic children of participating parishioners who are siblings or children of a graduate of the School.
Children of parishioners who are registered, contributing and participating members of the School Parish (or if a central school, one of the participating parishes).*
Children of parishioners who are registered, contributing, and participating members at another Catholic parish within the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston.*
Non-Catholic students (Non-Catholic students will be enrolled or added to a waiting list in the order of applications received).
* Families can obtain a form from their parish that is to be signed by the pastor and submitted to the school at application.

Wait List

Students not selected for admission due to class size limits, will automatically be placed on a wait list.
If an opening becomes available, students on the wait list will be given priority for those openings in the same order of preference as detailed in the Admission Eligibility protocols.
The wait list will exist for the current academic year only.
The wait list will be established after the enrollment process for the upcoming school year has ended and will terminate when that school year ends.

Students not currently enrolled who are seeking admissions to St. Francis de Sales should obtain a registration application from the school office. They should also make an appointment with the principal to discuss their child’s acceptance into the school.

Student Admissions Priority Status

● All returning students who have met all the registration requirements.
● Siblings of currently enrolled students and children of staff members.
● Catholic students.
● Students from other religious faiths.
● St. Francis Pre-School Non-Catholic students entering Kindergarten will be given preference over Non-Catholic students from other preschool programs.

Policy for Catholic Tuition Rates

● Family must be registered with a Catholic Church
● Family must faithfully attend and actively participate in Sunday and Holyday Masses.
● Family must regularly contribute financially to the support of the parish through the use of the parish envelope system or by check.

Admission Requirements for Students in K-8

● An official copy of the student’s most recent academic records.
● An official copy of the student’s certificate of birth.
● A copy of the student’s social security card.
● An up-to-date record of immunizations.

Catholic Students also need:

● A copy of their Baptismal certificate.
● A record of all other sacraments received.
● Approval of Catholic tuition status.

Additional Kindergarten Requirements:

● Student must be 5 years of age by July 1 of the academic year in which he/she is applying for admission.
● Or student must pass the early entrance exam given by Raleigh County Schools.
● Student must have written record of having been screened for speech, vision, and hearing.
● Student must have current immunizations records which are required by the WV Department of Health.

St. Francis de Sales School is a mission of St. Francis de Sales Church. All students are required to attend religious classes in which the Catholic faith is taught. Students also attend Mass on a weekly basis.

Service projects are also an important part of our Catholic school. Students and their families participate in the following:

Hoops for Heart (American Heart Association)
St. Jude Math-A-Thon (St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital)
Thanksgiving food collection
Special collections for our military troops
Women’s Resource Center
Animal Shelter
Holy Childhood Association
Helping Hands

St. Francis de Sales School provides a variety of online and classroom-based academic programs. All of the following are included in the programs used in the school:


  • IXL Math
  • Accelerated Reader
  • Pixil Art
  • WV Bridge Design (MS)


  • Technology/Media (three days per week)
  • STEM (1 day per week)
  • Physical Education (four days per week)
  • Music (three days per week)
  • Art (one day each week)
  • Gifted (one day each week)


  • Social Studies Fair
  • STEM Fair
  • Geography Bee
  • Spelling Bee
  • Math Field Day

St. Francis de Sales is a Catholic school. Spiritual development and moral education is an integral part of the overall academic program. Children are encouraged to incorporate the principles of Christianity into all aspects of their daily lives.

Our curriculum uses the CASE, Catholic Academic Standards of Excellence blended with WV Next Generation Standards. We provide instruction in the following subject areas:

● Religion, Family Life, and Character Education
● Language Arts (Reading, Spelling, English, Handwriting) and Simple Solutions Grammar
● Accelerated Reading Program
● Mathematics, Simple Solutions Math
● Social Studies (including WV History)
● Physical Education
● Art
● Music
● Technology/Media/STEM
● Library

In addition to the regularly scheduled computer classes for each grade level, teachers are encouraged to integrate the use of technology throughout the curriculum. We have a computer lab with twenty-eight computers, computers in every classroom Pre-k through grade 8 and iPads available for each grade level.

Middle School has enrichment classes such as art, cooking, and bridge design

St. Francis encourages students to participate in co-curricular activities such as:

  • WVU Tech Bridge Design Contest
  • Annual Science Fair
  • Annual Social Studies Fair
  • Math Field Day
  • Youth & Government Program
  • 4-H Clubs (Mid. Sch. & Elem.)
  • Girl Scouts
  • Golden Horseshoe Test
  • National Geography Bee
  • Spelling Bee
  • Paging at the Capitol
  • 4-H STEM Club
  • Chess Club
  • Photography Club
  • Theatre Club
  • Middle School Art Club
  • Library Guild

The goal of the St. Francis de Sales Athletic Program is to teach our students good sportsmanship, character, and how to compete and play organized sports in a Christian manner.

Students may participate in school sponsored athletics:

  • Elementary and Middle School Basketball
  • Elementary and Middle School Volleyball
  • Elementary and Middle School Cheerleading
  • Middle School Cross Country
  • Middle School Soccer
  • Middle School Track and Field

All athletes must maintain a “C” in each of the major subject areas before and during the playing season. If a student fails to maintain this grade average he/she will not be permitted to participate in the activity until the grade is brought up to the minimum “C.” During that period the student may not practice with the group nor participate in the activity.

We have the Federal Hot Lunch and Breakfast Program. Some families are given reduced or free rates depending on their financial status. Menus are sent home monthly. Students charge their meals and parents are billed at the end of each month.

If you have a concern with the program feel to contact: 

January to Mid February  –  Enrollment for current students and siblings

Mid February to End of March — Enrollment for St. Francis Parish Families

April to June – Open Enrollment

During other months of the year, please contact the school office about enrollment.

St. Francis de Sales School imparts not only academic knowledge, but also the essential facets of the modern Catholic faith. I have undoubtedly enjoyed my experience at St. Francis de Sales School. The topics I have learned and the memories I have made throughout my 9+ years there will last me a lifetime.

Matthew Koh Alumni