St. Francis de Sales is a Catholic school. Spiritual development and moral education is an integral part of the overall academic program. Children are encouraged to incorporate the principles of Christianity into all aspects of their daily lives.

Our curriculum uses the CASE, Catholic Academic Standards of Excellence blended with WV Next Generation Standards. We provide instruction in the following subject areas:

● Religion, Family Life, and Character Education
● Language Arts (Reading, Spelling, English, Handwriting) and Simple Solutions Grammar
● Accelerated Reading Program
● Mathematics, Think Through Math (online program), Simple Solutions Math
● Social Studies (including WV History)
● Physical Education
● Art
● Music
● Technology
● Library

In addition to the regularly scheduled computer classes for each grade level, teachers are encouraged to integrate the use of technology throughout the curriculum. We have a computer lab with twenty-eight computers, computers in every classroom Pre-k through grade 8 and iPads available for each grade level.

Middle School has enrichment classes such as art, cooking, and bridges