Volunteer Opportunities

St. Francis de Sales School

Volunteer Sign- Up Form 

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Email Address ________________________________________________


Return completed form ASAP.

Please read over the list of activities that the Home School Association helps with each school year.  Check all of the activities in which you would be willing to participate.  You will be contacted later when the event takes place.


____  Help with used uniforms – organization                 ____  Help with Yearbook


____  Book Fair (one in fall & one in spring)                    ____Read Aloud – grades K-5


____  Helper with the Library                                           ____ Help with Website


____  Assist with School Pictures( fall and/or spring)          ____Thanksgiving Baskets


____  Halloween Party                                                      ____Race for Education Day


____  Race for Education mailers                                      ____Breakfast With Santa


_____  Santa’s Secret Shop                                              ____Christmas Program


_____Help with Open House in Feb.


_____ Casino/Mardi Gras Night                                         ____ Teacher Appreciation

_____ Pre-Casino Night prep                                                      Week – first week May


_____  Stuff bulletins (3rd Friday each month)                  ____ Catholic School Week


_____ Yearbook (help gather pictures)                             ____ End of year BBQ


_____ Field Day (last day of school)                                _____Input Alumni data into



______Help in office with newsletters                               _____Help with invoices for

Church bulletin ads.

______Help with 1st Communion reception                      _____Help with graduations