Message from Bishop Brennan

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A message from Most Rev. Mark Brennan, Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston.

A message from Most Rev. Mark Brennan, Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston.

Dispensation from the obligation to attend Mass:

“While no member of the Faithful is bound to attend Mass where impossibility arises, West Virginia borders a number of dioceses in which Masses are still being publicly celebrated, and many of our Faithful are easily able to attend those Masses.  Owing to the grave nature of the current public health crisis, and not wishing that any of our flock be compelled to place themselves unnecessarily at risk, I hereby dispense all those who reside within the territory of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston from their obligation to attend Mass.  The intention of this dispensation, along with the suspension of public liturgies in the Diocese, is to encourage the Faithful to practice ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-quarantine’ to the extent that their state of life permits, by which we hope to contribute to the containment and end of the current pandemic.”

—Most Rev. Mark Brennan

Latest News

March 2020 Calendar

2020 Gala – Winter Wonderland

This year’s Gala event is set for Saturday, February 29th at Glade Springs Resort. The theme is “Winter Wonderland,” and will fit the season perfectly!...
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NEW Playground

The new Playground has been installed and the students are loving playing on the new equipment


Congratulations Kaylee Jones and Hannah Keiling on reciving the WV Golden Horseshoe. We are so very proud of both of these students.

March Newsletter

Catholic Schools Week ‎

Academic Excellence


Tristan Camarillo

Spelling Bee

Elementary – Adu Ilangovan – First Place

Tula Dababnah – Runner-up

Middle School – Bilal Demede – First Place

Kareeen Patel – Runner-up

Geography Bee

Sanjeev Polisetty

Math Field Day

Anyi Demede- 4th grade,  Adu Ilangovan- 5th grade,  Maya Ilangovan- 6th grade, Ram Asaithambi- 7th grade, Kaylee Jones- 8th grade

We proudly congratulate: Adu Ilangovan for placing 5th in Raleigh County and Kaylee Jones for placing 6th in Raleigh County!

Youth and Government

Hannah Keiling and Presley Jarrell

Saint Francis De Sales STEM Fair Results

Our school STEM Fair (Science Fair) was held on Thursday, January 9th. We will send 14 First Place projects to the Raleigh County STEM Fair on January 25th.

Class I- Elementary

          1st Place:

Vance Lindley

Eli Cox

Lori Craft

JR Harris

Tula Dababnah and Kaya Browning

          2nd Place:

                                                  Alexander Mullins

                                                  Allie Fragile

          3rd Place:

                                                  Ayni Demede

Class II- Middle School

          1st Place:

                                                  Brooke Wright

Jonah Willson

Ava Saffouri

Maya Ilangovan

Dakota Basham

Joey Beatty

Cohen Shrader

Gracie Littreal and Cecilia Lindley

Presley Jarrell and Kaylee Jones

          2nd Place:

                                                  Kael Ferguson

Jacob Deck

Kaden Fann-Orren

Marco Rotellini.

Sanjeev Polisetty

Bilal Demede and Luqman Demede

                         3rd Place:

Mikey Camarillo

Raleigh County Social Studies Fair Results

These are the St. Francis De Sales Social Studies Fair Projects that went to the Raleigh County Fair at Woodrow Wilson High School. We congratulate all of our students for doing an outstanding job!

1st Place Winners:


Cambell Stacy

Kate Lefler

Preston Lanna

Middle School-

Sanjeev Polisetty

Kareena Patel

Ram Asaithambi

Thomas Spencer

Andrew Baker and Max Elefterion.

2nd Place:


Tula Dababnah

3rd Place:


Claire Massey

Ella Flanagan and Claire Flanagan

Middle School-

Nicole Mourad

Honorable Mention:


Lauren Basham & Megan Richardson

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